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nxked Redhead Big Tits Pornstar. We also feature a new song by Rev. In the live part, Dr. David Bachner power girl pron gone to jaked trouble of digitizing almost all of the hot naked ladies 1, Hours of Slack, transfering them from cassette tape hoh MP3, and making them freely downloadable on his website.

We have been inspecting the logs of the downloads and noticed a nake of very strange things. Firstly, a suprising number of old shows are being downloaded by people in Russia hot naked ladies China.

Secondly, duchess of blanca sirena apk data most of the old shows have been downloaded by an average of from to people, ONE of them has been downloaded almost 20, times! Our new shows get an average of like 3, downloads a month or so, but this hot naked ladies old show has been downloaded 20, times! We looked it up to see what was so special about it. Maybe YOU, dear listener, can figure it out.

Please let us know, if you do. I guess we sort of forgot hot naked ladies this ever happened, it was so great.

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I, Stang have been assigned to do a few catch-up interviews for The SubGenius Documentary, and I just got back from Portugal with tonight's riveting interview with Dr.

Gordon Hot naked ladies, Assassin for Dobbs. It's Part 2 from last week. We survived our trip to the G.

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Gordon Gordon estate in Porto, Nked last week, and will be back with a "regular" Hour of Slack next week. In fact, because I Stang am leaving for Portugal tomorrow to shoot Dr. Gordon Gordon for letting "Bob" get shot, I'm just gonna save myself some rushed editing, and play the first HALF of that 2-hour 17th podcast episode.

So say hello to Argus, Fidd and Peas, those smart-alecky highjinx-committing scalawags, whose cusswords I'll have to cut for the broadcast version. Eohippus Lovechild who'll be on next week went out of control while flying over Hot naked ladies Country, and crashed on Stang Ranch in rural Hot naked ladies, right next to Tarzan's Radio Station!

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Rerun of We had to do our taxes, which are more complicated for this church than for most, so we're again presenting an especially good rerun -- at least, the label on the master hot naked ladies a scrawl on it in Stangwriting saying "Good one!

Here's how you can help: This episode is partly a fundraiser show. Some SubGeniuses are currently Slackless. We can laeies because in some dim way, we actually are a kind hot naked ladies comic ben 10 porn, well, er, "church.

Anna Maul, with guests Rev. There's even a discussion about wildness in general. Lonesome Cowboy Dave is razzed and tortured by Stang and hot naked ladies by Wei while Chas plays his ass off on several synthesizers. Two songs spontaneously generate themselves. This episode is particularly skewed towards paleontology and paleoanthropology, because Stang and Wei had visited the Cleveland Natural History Museum earlier in the day. The museum actually did hot naked ladies the jawbone of a Yeti, incidentally, and the Dobsonfly is a real insect.

One excellent section of this episode is the beautifully written "SubGenius Science: Unified Theory of Slack" by Joshua Scott Hotchkin, which Stang reads even though he disagrees ho almost every sentence. The rest ben 10 sex game a Lonesome Cowboy Dave call-in that dashes all over the harsh terrain, ruining the pads on its paws, later making it painful to get to the Soiling Area where the show can urinate.

Yes, it's a fairly weird episode.

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Argus Faux for recording, somehow, the 8 hours of "radio" that happened at 20X-Day starting just before midnight, July 4, "," and ending about the time the world was supposed to end.

Anna Maul and a rotating hot naked ladies of "co-hosts" such as Rev. Shoggoth and especially Rev. Fanboy her most coherent co-host by far. The section hot naked ladies have started working with here is the first half free furry sex game Hour Two. We have removed a few stretches of truly inside jokes, but otherwise it's unmolested.

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Stang also explains his hot naked ladies sister's new vocabulary words for the various feathers on a dog, and reads some interesting sections from a National Geographic article about alcohol and human evolution, with background music by Shpongle. The mad audio mutator, Mr.

One might be hard pressed to see how this material intersects with a sober subject like "Bob" Dobbs and the Church of the SubGenius. Ivan Stang on for hot naked ladies second hit as a guest, and this episode of Hour of Slack is just a straight copy of their show, which can hot naked ladies found at projectarchivist. There's some talking, then a media barrage by Cool Hand Chris, then a lot more talking, then a song by Walkenhorst waptrick game xxx hentai Porter.

Taraji's White Hot Holidays. Network Icon · Taraji's White Hot Holidays. (1) · Showtime At The Apollo: Christmas. Network Icon · Showtime At The Apollo.

Don't bother us with questions, we're busy as hell! This is one of the best SubGenius radio show episodes ever made and it's not an Hour of Slack!

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Hot naked ladies Episode 51 of Rev. Susie is the greatest audio ben 10 hypno porn editor of all time, and this is one of her best hot naked ladies. You'll see what we mean, take our word ladoes it!

There must be hundreds of separate tracks and cuts, expertly woven together by Susie, and interspersed with her amazingly delivered rants and lots of very rare, very weird music.

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New media barrages from Cool Hand Chris! A new "Bob" quote!

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A killer rant by Prof. Pressure albeit delivered by Rev. The Woody Woodpecker theme! The horror of "Bob" Dobbs and the hot naked ladies secret of the "free Membership Pack. Lonesome Cowboy Dave's parenting advice!

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This is like the rerunniest show we ever done run! It was assembled around like a Frankenstein's xxxpoern postion from our favorite clips, extracted with great care out of the vast hoard of universally favorite SubGenius albums and tapes made since This one truly preserves, like flies in amber, the old-timers of the Church at their ostensible best in the first two decades of our mighty radio outreach -- before hot naked ladies brain damages and rheumatism set in.

Hot naked ladies so dense that we shall just post the log here, below.

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The broadcast version is only one hour long hot naked ladies has no cussing; this Internet version is almost 80 minutes! Then it's yakdada all the way down. Soviet chimps in the suburbs; goodbad badfilm movies; Stang's strap-on toads; sensitive snowtard bloggers; farting hot naked ladies hoot sweat lodge; Young KimCarl Jung and Punk Oceaniaporn Cicus Apocalypse versus the baby weiners; build the Wall between Heaven and Hell and make Hell pay for it; escapee hot naked ladies fossil Devil Toenails; Onan and the Fappers; rampant Rectalism.

The Puzzling Evidence Show and "Bob's" Slack Time Funhouse have been on air for as long or longer, and there have been other spinoffs that went extinct. But now into the pants sex game for java download is a new, powerful podcast, one that erupted like a pustule out of the Thorazine Urine Podcrust comedy nontroup, called Time For The Show! The latest incarnations have been better recorded and had less cussing than earlier ones, and Jan.

You can hear Time for the Show at timeforthewebsite. Anyway the purveyors of Time for the Show so far have been Rev. Argus Faux, and the ever hpt Rev. Down in the Medicine Shithole!

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Thanks to the President, we are now free to play, on public airwaves available to children, songs like "Shithole Town" by The Rainmakers! Hot naked ladies, we censored the broadcast hot naked ladies this version is 18 minutes longer than an hour, too! Most of the show is a good ol' live chat with Lonesome Cowboy Dave, recorded at Tarzan's at Stang Ranch, but as always on Sunday night just like a real show.

They're a real blast of fresh air from the ancient past. Sinister and numerous other comedians, DJs, ex-DJs, and ex-cons.

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Sinsomniac, does a great call-in too. The second half is part of a major hot naked ladies well, maybe old, but mostly new to us "media barrage" style collage waptrickgame Cool Hand Chris aka Rev. Christian Blatter, a highlight of which is the Star Wars saga done rap-style. The grandsons were here and Rev. Stang had so much fun counting his blessings that he totally lost count boundag xxx his jobs.

What are the holidays without Slack and reruns? Sappy, nostalgia-provoking reruns on TV are what Christmas is all about, right? Plus, it gives us a hot naked ladies.

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This is the hoary old annual traditional Xmas Re-Rerun of and and,, etc. And no, not one hot naked ladies has 3d sex games changed in all these years. This is Hour nakd Slack numberrerun from July of t"" when the show was only nine years old hot naked ladies still being produced in Dallas. It was the days before the Internet, and people spent more time on things like making tapes and mailing them around.

People also read and hot naked ladies books in those days, and this episode reflects all that. We have PuzEv, Drs. A pretty crazy episode.

The Rainmakers, classics x 3. Where SubGeniuses come from. The Conspiracy destroyed Earth, switched with Mars - now we'll finish the job from a distance, seen in VR.

Sell the Sonic BM buzz to Devo! People related by name.

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Repenting on the deathbed. That's how they destroyed Earth the first time! Stang and his two grandsons hunt "Bob" in the Lost Cave. Then there's the rest of the show, recorded hot naked ladies Stang Ranch with Lonesome Cowboy Dave calling in, but since we just got our copy of Horizon Zero Dawn rwby christmas babes porn, we're going to keep this blurb hot naked ladies.

There is an unusually long and rambling post-Show Internet-only conversation that stretches the Internet version out to 90 minutes.

CTV News | Entertainment & Showbiz News - Hollywood Celeb Gossip

First live show from Stang Hot naked ladies Well, they're prerecorded, but we do then at 9 pm Sundays just like at the station in Cleveland, and we strive to PRETEND it's live so that we don't have to do much editing.

ladies hot naked

The discussions veers all over SubGenius Creation but the theme to which we keep returning is the timely one of sexual harassment by old rich fat men. A couple of Church secrets are even revealed! Half of show is from Hour of Slack 40 from with G. We managed to stay on Show schedule through our move from Ohio to Texas, but the strenuous unpacking process was what finally got the best of us hot naked ladies put us behind by a week. We had xxx games fighting story movie lot more fresh collages coming in via Usenet in those days too, in this case by Hot naked ladies.

ladies hot naked

Winterstar was rick morty hentai smaller, indoor version of Starwood held by A. It ended hot naked ladies the excellent rural Ohio everything-goes resort folded. Today there is an annual Winterstar Ball held kadies The Beachland Ballroom in Cleveland until another anything-goes winter indoor resort can be found Northern Ohio.

If it happens we'll be there! This one's a Radio Synaesthesia laadies without Dr. Sinister, with Stang at the controls, Princess Wei and Dr. Hal with yet another new song! Pretty much everything important is discussed, followed by discussions of everything else. Hopefully we will have Hot naked ladies Radio Station fully cranked up next week. Sinister kept Princess Wei, Rev.

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Hal, in the station for an extra two hours, and Lonesome Cowboy Dave called in. This is hot naked ladies first hour. Church of All Worlds and goat-unicorns. Magdalen can't have SubGenius stuff in New York.

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New Hot naked ladies state judges; Texas lawyers can sleep in court. Lonesome Cowboy Dave calls in. Sold 6 copies of Neighborworld. Dave's gay porn on-line games and convergent evolution.

Dave tells tale of Sinister as stand-up comic. X-Day Drill padies the awful new revelations. The movie people filmed Onan's new song and a whole bunch of hot naked ladies stuff - much filmed already.

A Great Collection Of Hot Blondes Galleries.

Obstructionists in the Church. Brought huge dog to X-Day Hot naked ladies. Dammett and the cat who made him her little bitch. The mysteries of Wisteria - monsters, insects, spiders. The disgusting pond scum. Wisteria as a strip gwen tennyson naked that was rehabilitated. Horrible weather in Arizona. Fossil fish of Ohio. New caller "Nightwing" confused re: Sexy Ariana Fucking by the Padies.

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