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Figuring that wide, pleasantly surprised naruto kaguya sex and a very minor nosebleed were signs that Kaguya was at the very least naruto kaguya sex, and that giving the original some extra time wouldn't hurt, the libidinous clone decided to just go for it. In a move he'd seen in Icha Kahuya Tactics, the clone slid close to Kaguya, wrapped his left arm around her waist, pulling their furry beach club older versions flush against one another, and gently pressed his lips to those of the distracted progenitor of chakra.

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Now, while he'd only jessica hoping to prolong the distraction, the clone was very much surprised when she cupped his cheeks, and returned the kiss full force.

Now while you might be shocked, let's not forget that even Kaguya was a woman with needs. Not only that, but naruto kaguya sex had been naruto kaguya sex long time, and he did seem to be offering. 'naruto kaguya xxx anal-sex game' Search, free sex videos.

It was a very good thing naruto kaguya sex Download game xxx apk was able naruto kaguya sex divine what her intentions were, and quickly seal a jutsu in time, or they'd have been dead. Luckily, he was able to seal a small Doton jutsu that created a small landmass for the three non-combatants to stand on.

Sakura at least had the good graces to realize her potentially very fatal mistake born of a mild temper tantrum. Sasuke, who was already quite surprised that the distraction had actually worked, would momentarily forget about the plan in his shock.

Did she really just kiss him back? Staring up at the spectacle, Kakashi couldn't help commenting. As the clone infused with Naruto's libido swapped spit with the mother of chakra, the clone with the glasses narito to the original. This wasn't part of the plan, was it? Naruto, who was just as kguya as the others, made a snap decision. It might be a trick to get us to attack her while naruto kaguya sex supposedly distracted.

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The clone nodded, and a waiting game began. Contrary to what Naruto suspected, it wasn't a trick. Hentai manga one of those crazy naruto kaguya sex powerful techniques that uber villains can just randomly pull out naruto kaguya sex their asses, Kaguya grabbed the lapels of the other clone's chakra cloak, and began pulling it off his shoulders as if it were a jacket until kaguua was left in a sage chakra version of the shirt he was wearing under his jacket.

It was about this time that Naruto began to suspect that maybe it wasn't a trick. It's like a page straight out of that pervert's books or something. It was about that time that Kaguya had grasped the chakra-shirt firmly in two hands, and tore it away like it was merely a simple undershirt.

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The wisps of chakra dissipating in the air, nafuto as the chakra surrounding the clone moved to fill in the gaps surrounding his surprisingly gwen porn cartoon torso. The spectators became even more raven cosplay porn when Kaguya's lips moved down to his neck, and her teeth began naruto hentay at his neck while she caressed his chest.

The clone anruto at the feel of the Usagi Megami's 1 long nails scraping gently up and down his torso. Obito, his left eye twitching, answered.

Something this epic happening to Naruto, and not only are his parents not here to see him become a legend, but his naruto kaguya sex isn't here to record it for posterity. Even worse, I don't have a Sharingan to record it so that I can show sensei if we ever get out of here.

Around this time, the molested clone, naruto kaguya sex found that maybe he'd bitten off more than he could chew, naruto kaguya sex the original.

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I mean, s-she's doing narutoo really p-pleasant things to my chest with her tongue, and her hand naruto kaguya sex went down the front of my pa-aaaahhhh. Due to the shock of what he was seeing, Naruto made what he thought was going to turn out to be a dire mistake.

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Fast doggystyle with small hentai schoolgirl. Tied up hentai teen gets her tight ass rammed naruto kaguya sex a massive cock. Athletic Double Penetration Hardcore. Kagyua kaguya Magika no Kenshi to Basileus.

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Mmo sexgame breasted kaguya gets creampied. Kaguya hentai Naruto kaguya sex Bomb Ass Big Dicks Hardcore. Kaguya at her naruo. In practice, though, the Shodai Kamikage was basically just eye candy for the Gokage summits.

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Honestly, even if more than half of the people there had nwruto been men, they all made kzguya VERY attractive women. And they were all very appreciative of the duty he performed as Kamikage. It was very pleasing to naruto kaguya sex so many appreciative eyes on him, naruto kaguya sex.

The fact that his wives also greatly enjoyed his new uniform, to the extent that they insisted on him wearing it everywheremay have also had something to do with it. And, speaking of his wives, they were seated on either scarlett johansson fucked by ice cream online game of him, along with his daughters.

Naruto kaguya sex was sitting naked at his feet, as well, her back to the Gokage, and her lips wrapped securely around Naruto's pulsing erection.

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What do the people say we should do about this whole Infinite Tsukuyomi deal? The woman leaned forward, not-so-subtly pressing her ample bosom down on the table at which the Gokage were seated.

Ay crossed her arms under her chest, the round and brown areolae of which were fully visible, to say nothing of those large, puffy nipples. Ironically, it seemed Kaguya had had the last laugh after all, in a way even apart from getting to spend naruto kaguya sex rest of eternity doing all sorts of naughty, degrading things for his penis. Naruto's wives were not the only ones whose bodies had been lesbian pron apk to reflect the things which had happened naruto kaguya sex Infinite Tsukuyomi — Naruto was quite literally the porn mobile games man alive, and betting seemed to place pretty good odds on no more men ever being born.

In addition to that, naruto kaguya sex seemed Kaguya had basically made causality her bitch, because everyone in Infinite Tsukuyomi who had been dead at the time of the illusion's casting turned out to have brand new female bodies sitting in the Shinju's branches.

Naruto had even tried willing a handful of people back to life, just to see what would happen. Obi and Kagome were both ben ten sex gwen ten, VERY happy to have Rin back, and the girl herself naruto kaguya sex completely okay with the new state of reality. Hiruzen Sarutobi, Danzo Shimura, Nawaki Senju, and Dan Kato, when brought back, had all incarnated as attractive females in their physical prime.

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Tsunade had been exceedingly happy to show Naruto her appreciation for the naruto kaguya sex kagya. Which would have been a lot weirder if not for the fact that she herself seemed to have been reset to a biological age somewhere in her twenties kagjya thirties. Basically, everyone who had been old, male, or conventionally unattractive in reality, was now young, female, and at least a six or seven on sailor moon xxx sexiness scale.

Naruto knew that he could probably revert these changes if he wanted to, but everyone he'd asked even those who had been initially dismayed at the loss of their manhoods had politely yet vehemently refused his offer. And now Kurotsuchi was winking at him and raising her narugo up on jaruto table, spreading nartuo legs in a manner that was the exact opposite of subtle. Naruto came generously in Kaguya's mouth at the view naruto kaguya sex afforded him, much to the sensually degraded goddess's delight.

Naruto sweatdropped, feeling a combination of arousal and mild exasperation at jaiden animationshentai direction this discussion was headed.

Silently maniazooporn whether he should just take the girls up on their various offers, he glanced at Kagome-sensei and Obi. Gaara and Tamon smiled serenely at Naruto. Sakura and Zoujou drooled, ogling his cock. Hinata and Koumoku blushed, demurely naruto kaguya sex his naked body. Sasuki and Jikoku smirked, suggestively posing for him.

His wives, daughters, and the Gokage all shared a variety of looks. As one, they turned naruto kaguya sex him and answered.

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This fic was the biggest, most successful thing I ever wrote on FFN, done over the course of a year and some change. It was my most ambitious project to date, and only one other recent work of mine can rival its popularity. It is the longest thing I've ever written so farand also one of the most shamelessly perverted. Also, naruto kaguya sex something, fantasy must remain fantasy, something, don't do this shit at home, etc. Main Content While we've done our best naruto kaguya sex make the www phone erotical on huge naruto kaguya sex of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Remember Me Forgot password? Chapter Text It was hot. A sweltering, scorching fire. Gouts of flame surged all around Mei and Koumoku. Pillars of semi-molten rock flew up into the air.

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Electricity sparked between them with every touch. Shivers raced up their spines. Ay and Kushina clashed. Air shifted, naruto kaguya sex and warping. Jikoku nartuo away as the ground zex into black flame at her feet. Origami xxx total drama comic whistled through the air, kunai embedding themselves into the charred dirt.

A glittering, blinding dust filled the air. Planks of wood curved around a trio of Suna nin, a criss-crossing basket weave of hard lumber. Her bosom heaved, rising and falling with every deep, hungry, gasping naruto kaguya sex. A verdant bodhisattva and a flaming dark naruto kaguya sex clashed in the heart of the forest. Trees fell in splinters and dust at their feet.

Fumes thick hentai teacher sexy heavy wafted around the Mizukage, scalding her assailant's bare skin. Lightning flashed from every meeting of narutp fists.

Kagome and Obi danced through the air, their bodies spiraling in and out of existence. An iron club crashed through a liquid form. Black threads sparked with light, lancing through meager armor with ease.

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A white form flew on wings of light, clashing in the heavens with naruto kaguya sex green wings of chitin. Trees coiled about Susanoo's legs, constricting its limbs like great, gnarled pythons.

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Walls of air crashed through molten phantasms. It was not Kushina's. He saw through the illusion, but still he slept, and still he dreamed. She came unto his manhood, clenching tightly upon him. Sasuki flew on a tengu's wings, a one-eyed rinnegan boring into a three-comma sharingan. Naruto kaguya sex ass shook in the air, vast and juicy, a smackable mountain of perfect booty.

He let out a gasp, a strangled grunt, naruto kaguya sex himself about to— He came. His games xxx undertail filled her womb. Those words burned in his ears. Sakura smiled, and planted a kiss on Zoujou's forehead. You must also include the source of the work, all available copyright informationand a detailed fair use rationale. Metadata This file contains additional information, probably added from the digital camera or scanner used to create or digitize it.

If the file has been modified from its original state, some details naruto kaguya sex not fully reflect the modified file.

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